MyMixLab Henry Fong Hybrid EDM Mixing TUTORiAL

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Team DECiBEL | 20 January 2021 | 477.7 MB

DJ Henry Fong is known for creating some of the biggest festival bangers in EDM year after year. Henry Fong’s music has been supported by the biggest DJs in the industry and his touring career has reached every corner of the globe. His signature reggae influences make his music instantly recognizable and unique. In this course Henry Fong opens the Ableton session from his latest single “BOOM” featuring Common Kings to share his personal workflow and plugin settings for processing EDM styled Reggae tracks 100% in the box. Watch all four parts to learn how to process guitars, drums, bass, vocals, and master chain.

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MyMixLab Basics of Compression TUTORiAL

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Team DECiBEL | 20 January 2021 | 39.2 MB

Compression is one of the most fundamental processes in audio. It not only controls the level of your sound, but adds unique tone and shape. To better understand compression we invited a guest teacher to break it down into it’s simples form. DJ Freefall is one of Luca Pretolesi’s longtime personal students from Orlando Florida USA, and in this course DJ Freefall explains the beginner basics of compression, threshold, ratio, attack, release, knee and more!

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Harrison AVA Vocal Flow v1.1.0 WiN

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Team R2R | 20 January 2021 | 5.8 MB

The AVA Vocal Flow is an all-in-one signal processing suite for mixing vocals in your music. It contains 7 route-able signal processing elements along with input and output controls. The AVA-VF is a “greatest hits” compilation of Harrison’s most sought-after console elements, specifically selected for mixing vocals.

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