Subsonic Artz Norse Myths for DIVA PRESETS

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P2P | 03 April 2021 | 35.08 MB

To bring this project to life, we’ve taken inspiration from Norse Mythology and the
music from composers such as Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Uno Helmersson and Peter Broderick to name a few.
Norse Myths has been designed to bring you a large palette of Nordic sounds and vibes ; from analogue noirish sounds, to Nordic soundscapes and ambiences, to dramatic underscore synths sounds.
We do hope that you’ll like this set as much as we did when we built it…

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Sunday Supply Weekend Gloss WAV

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P2P | 03 April 2021 | 813.51 MB

It’s Saturday night as you drive through the city past an array of neon lights. The pavement is still warm from a long day of sun. Cool air flows through the windows and the smell of barbecue and gasoline fills your nose. The timeless sounds of Moog synths, gliding vocoders, smooth guitar, and wavy pads glued to tight drums knock through the car speakers. Nothing but nighttime feel-good driving music made for the soul. Welcome to the world of Weekend Gloss.

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Sample Magic Melodic Future Beat WAV

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P2P | 03 April 2021 | 265.63 MB

Blending a fresh collection of forward-thinking sounds, Melodic Future Beat serves a diverse selection of futuristic sound design, with expertly crafted and processed music kits, synth loops, and drum loops. Get to grips with punchy drums, rumbling basses, neon-tinged melodics, backbeat grooves, and much more. Sitting halfway from edgy and experimental to the hazy and hypnotic, melodic future beat combines the best elements of chilled out beats and futuristic production.

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Sample Magic Dark Melodic Techno WAV

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P2P | 03 April 2021 | 383.99 MB

Dark, deep and expansive: Dark Melodic Techno explores the sound of techno through a curated collection of stomping beats, big-room basslines, and expansive melodic progressions across wav, midi, and one-shots. Get to grips with an extensive, authentic set of tools for the club for a no-frills take on the fundamentals of techno.

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Past To Future Samples Daft Drums! KONTAKT

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P2P | 03 April 2021 | 495 MB

Dry, Punchy, Hifi drum sound inspired by the French Duo!

Recorded to tape with vintage gear like Neve preamps Studer A80 tape machine, and some additional processing done with Roland S760 an awesome sounding sampler that the French duo uses!
Hear the drums in action

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