Soundiron Cacophony KONTAKT

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P2P | 08 May 2021 | 8.54 GB

Cacophony is easily the most massive collection of live concert hall performance sound effects, room tones, crowd reactions, orchestral tuning drones and incidental sound effects you will find anywhere. As we accelerate toward technical perfection and hyperrealism in the musical world with the help of technology, it’s important to remember the living flaws and details that make the experience of listening to live music so immersive. What is often most missing is the ghost of the place, the murmur and roar of the audience, the players tuning up – all of those little sounds in between. In their absence, we often feel something missing, though we cannot always put our finger on what.

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Audiofier Veevum Terra Volume 5 KONTAKT

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FANTASTiC | 07 May 2021 | 3.82 GB

Each of these libraries is incredibly deep and absolutely packed to the brim with incredible sounds and ridiculous features for the price. I am consistently blown away by the uniqueness and depth of their products, and the fact they are so packed with content while maintaining an affordable price point. If you liked the Riffendium Bundle, or enjoy unique soundscapes and playable textures, do yourself a favor and check out the Veevum bundle we have from Audiofier!

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Past To Future Samples 70’s Disco Drums! KONTAKT

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P2P | 25 April 2021 | 461.2 MB

70’s golden era big disco drum sound! This style of drums has been requested so many times from our customers. Now here it is!

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Cinematique Instruments Vertigo Cello KONTAKT

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P2P | 14 April 2021 | 879 MB

With Vertigo Cello we add another attractive member to the Vertigo family.

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Ethnaudio Percussion Of Anatolia KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 14 April 2021 | 1.20 GB

The most advanced ethnic Anatolian and Arabic percussions together!

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Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings v1.1 KONTAKT

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P2P | 11 April 2021 | 122 GB

Modern Scoring Strings is a completely new “a2” divisi (2 parts divisi per section) string library of 60 parts that has been meticulously designed by writing different Divisi sections (half a section at a time) giving you more control of each instrument and section, a variety of articulations and bow techniques.
This version requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.0.4 and newer!

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In Session Audio World Percussion Creator KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 08 April 2021 | 2.81 GB

Create, control & generate your ethnic drum sound.
Ethnic, hand played and regional drums are often used to conjure the sound of distant lands, age-old civilizations, exotic wildlife and human adventure. World Percussion Creator is a virtual instrument sample library designed to convey this natural sound in a new, larger and more flexible way.

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Impact Soundworks Modern Harpejji KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 08 April 2021 | 1.44 GB

Perform the expressive, versatile, and wholly-unique sound of the Harpejji from Marcodi Musical Products with this authentic & authorized virtual instrument! From fluid bass parts to rich polyphonic keyboard sounds, our Modern Harpejji captures the full range of clean tones from a 24-string Harpejji K24 and gives you unparalleled tools to shape the sound to your own taste.

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Past To Future Samples Daft Drums! KONTAKT

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P2P | 03 April 2021 | 495 MB

Dry, Punchy, Hifi drum sound inspired by the French Duo!

Recorded to tape with vintage gear like Neve preamps Studer A80 tape machine, and some additional processing done with Roland S760 an awesome sounding sampler that the French duo uses!
Hear the drums in action

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Team DECiBEL | 31 March 2021 | 2.52 GB

Saxophones + harmoniums = SAXOMAPHONIUM
Sound Dust Saxomaphonium is a hybrid Kontakt instrument hewn from layers of baritone and alto sax plus two ancient wind-powered reed organs. It takes un-cool elements, records them nicely and then re-imagines them into something entirely new.

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Impact Soundworks Ventus Native American Flutes KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 31 March 2021 | 4.62 GB

Ventus Native American Flutes is the seventh entry into our highly acclaimed series of deep-sampled woodwinds and flutes from all over the world. This collection includes three distinct, traditional Native American flutes, each handcrafted in the historic town of Patagonia among majestic mountains.

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Indiginus Generation Electric Guitar KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 31 March 2021 | 4.08 GB

Our goal with Generation was to capture the sound and spirit of an American classic electric guitar. Equally at home in rock, funk, jazz, country, pop, and countless other styles, its versatility has been the secret of its over 60 years of prominence. We sampled all three pickups simultaneously and direct, so all 5 pickup positions (with the two ‘in-between’ positions) stay in phase as you select them.

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Audio Imperia Artifact Reanimate KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 31 March 2021 | 5.82 GB

ARTIFACT REANIMATE is a fully redesigned and expanded version of our popular release “Artifact Fractal” and evolves the original concept into a complete, comprehensive sound design toolkit.

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Cinesamples CineBrass Descant Horn v1.1 KONTAKT

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P2P | 29 March 2021 | 4.59 GB

A perfect partner to CineBrass Core and Pro, CineBrass Descant Horn expands the range of the Horn section. Pro horn players often pull out this instrument for delicate higher passages and it’s great for soaring solos. Like CineBrass Core and Pro, CineBrass Descant Horn was recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage in Los Angeles.

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Zero-G Mobeus KONTAKT

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P2P | 27 March 2021 | 1.36 GB

Rhythmic Cinematic Soundscape Generator
Mobeus is a brand new amazing loop-based sample library and Kontakt instrument designed to create rhythmic patterns, pulses, grooves and textures. The sounds used are intended for a wide variety of projects and musical styles, but they are particularly suited to cinematic or experimental music where you need something unique, atmospheric, rich and with a contemporary feel.

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