8dio Hybrid Tools Terminus KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 26 November 2020 | 7.31 GB

8Dio Terminus is a pro-grade tool designed for epic blockbuster scores and trailers containing over 1,200 custom cinematic instruments and FX.

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Artisan Audio Techno Percussion Bible MULTiFORMAT

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FANTASTiC | 25 November 2020 | 397 MB

‘Techno Percussion Bible’ by Artisan Audio is the holy grail of all things Techno and all things drum. The product of almost endless tweaking and processing on a whole host of outboard gear and in-the-box DSP, this pack is focussed squarely on the percussive elements that make modern Techno the indelible genre that it is today.

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Delectable Records Tech House Generator 2 MULTiFORMAT

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FANTASTiC | 24 November 2020 | 248 MB

‘Tech House Generator Vol 2’ by Delectable Records delivers fresh and useful content, a stylish collection of modern percussive sounds and tools ready to use instantly. Fans of artists like Green Velvet and CamelPhat, and labels such as Hot Creations and Dirtybird will find this pack a must-have for their sonic weaponry.

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Strezov Sampling AFFLATUS Chapter I Strings v1.3 KONTAKT

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P2P | 23 November 2020 | 105 GB

Inspired by film and classical music icons this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling methods by introducing revolutionary features like Auto Divisi combined with Polyphonic True Legato from the Next Generation Choir Series and a Thematic Approach towards playing techniques. Capturing conducted musical samples as opposed to static generic samples Afflatus Chapter I features several custom-made articulation groups able to portray one specific style per group with ease. This approach grants the user highly specialized and inspiring virtual instruments able to perform music with virtuosity: Gone are the days of soulless samples.

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Soundiron Iron Throne 2.0 KONTAKT

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Team FLARE | 22 November 2020 | 719 MB

This little beast is a very, very eerie and dark collection of metallic percussive and semimelodic effects, ideal for use in horror and suspense scoring, sound design, trailer effects and post production, experimental and ambient music, or anything else you can think to do with it. The origins of the strange creation/discovery will remain a forbidden secret – even though we had a contest where over 130 people tried to guess its origins. What we can tell you is that we beat and played the hell out of it… or in to it, depending on how you look at it. We used bows, mallets, metal rods, rubber balls, fingers, fists, drum sticks, nylon, metal brushes, rasps and files, water and earth to lift all manner of demon song from this contraption.

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Soundiron Disco 6000 KONTAKT

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P2P | 19 November 2020 | 4.01 GB

Soundiron’s Disco 6000 captures the historic sounds of the fascinating Solton Disco 64. This analog synthesizer/drum machine was manufactured in Germany between 1978-1982 in a partnership with Ketron. This is early Italo Disco in a box! It has two SSM2040 filters in it, which were used in early iterations of the famous Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. This gives it a recognizable fat analog tone. It includes 36 keys on the removable keyboard, as well as a variety of knobs and buttons to trigger the drum machine. Disco 6000 has preset rhythmic drum loops, as well as synth sustains and staccatos. We recorded the instrument articulations in wide stereo and direct line in. After that, we hand-crafted twenty evolving atmospheric pads from the source content to make this party more bodacious. If you’re looking for warm funky grooves and radical synths to compose your next 1980 dance track, look no further than Disco 6000.

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ProjectSAM True Strike 1 v1.1 KONTAKT

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P2P | 17 November 2020 | 8.31 GB

ProjectSAM’s acclaimed True Strike series holds the original percussion libraries of choice for film, tv and game composers requiring cinematic, powerful percussion samples.

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8dio Studio Vocals Laurie KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 14 November 2020 | 4.32 GB

8Dio Studio Vocals Series: “Laurie”, features the majestic and versatile neoclassical singer, Laurie Ann Haus, capturing a deep-sampled set of articulations on her Celtic, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Operatic styles of singing, encompassing True Legato, Sustains, Marcato and Phrases.

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8dio Studio Vocals Roula KONTAKT

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Team DECiBEL | 14 November 2020 | 2.50 GB

8Dio Studio Vocal Series: Roula is the latest in our esteemed solo vocal series featuring the unique voice of Roula Tsernou. The library features authentic Eastern-Balkans-Greek Style Vocals, the deep sampled library captures her essence as a artist with unique new syllables, legatos, phrases and sustains. We recorded a range of one and two syllable short note articulations giving you a huge range of variations to build complex word-like formations. We also prepared a special patch for those who need legato articulations; it includes 7 different real-legato combinations which can be mixed for maximum versatility. They can also be combined like the short notes to achieve real word-like combinations that also utilise real legato.

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ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic v1.3 KONTAKT

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P2P | 12 November 2020 | 8.4 GB

The re-issue of the symphonic brass series that started it all: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions.

Orchestral Brass Classic is the re-issue of the most respected symphonic brass series on the sample market: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions. known for its ambient, cinematic sound, orchestral brass classic is the only brass library that no film, tv or game composer can afford to be without.

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Cinematique Instruments Rytmik FiXEd KONTAKT

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P2P | 12 November 2020 | 383 MB

Rytmik is an inspiring beat engine that delivers a very rich and unique collection of sounds and beats for massive cinematic percussion, cue scoring, electro, hip hop or industrial. It is a great tool for instant rhythmic inspiration which provides endless flexibility to find a unique language for the music you’re writing.

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ProjectSAM True Strike 2 v1.1 KONTAKT

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P2P | 12 November 2020 | 7.28 GB

ProjectSAM’s acclaimed True Strike series holds the original percussion libraries of choice for film, tv and game composers requiring cinematic, powerful percussion samples.

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Puremagnetik ThumpMachine MULTiFORMAT

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Team DECiBEL | 11 November 2020 | 159 MB

Thump Machine | Kick Drum & Bass Designer
Low end pulses, kick drum replacement, synthesized bass drum bank – Thump Machine is a matrix of over 700 percussives programmed to deliver the perfect bottom to your studio.

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Stigmatized Productions Stigmatized Drummer v1.2 KONTAKT

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P2P | 11 November 2020 | 2.18 GB

Stigmatized Drummer is a high-end metal oriented Drumming Library. Recorded under an exhaustive detail it provides the real deal. After trying and testing every possible setup, mic placement, and tuning the results are phenomenal. Real organic, full cracking and “just in your face” sound.

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Soundiron Flatulus KONTAKT

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Team FLARE | 10 November 2020 | 548 MB

Flatulus is the new industry standard in gaseous sound design and odoriferous instrumentation. This explosive new library will rip through your tracks, with percussive sound effects and potent atmospheres. Each sonic specimen is 100% authentic and all-natural, with each release expertly captured in perfect detail, according to the highest quality and purity standards. That’s right, we’ve dealt it AND we’ve smelt it, so you don’t have to! Our seasoned team of engineers and producers each contributed mightily to this collection of 200 high-fidelity expulsions, providing you a wide variety of unique styles, tones, dynamics and resonance profiles to choose from for all of your game, film, television and post-production needs. Have you dreamed of playing hundreds of farts as individual chromatic musical instruments? Of course you have and now you can!! Have a little ditty jingling in your head right now? Well, now imagine it played by farts. Picture it now ladies and gentlemen: the future is now, friends, and the power is yours. In this high-octane musical thunder dome.

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