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nLab Synthesis Grano v1.0 Reaktor

SYNTHiC4TE | 23 March 2020 | 25 MB

nLab Synthesis has announced the release of the Granö ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor 6, a granular synth that combines great sonic potential with a simple and intuitive interface.

Take a sample like a synth line, a field recording or a drums loop and start to handling until you’ll come on a unexplored sonic territory.

It’s well suited for ambient, experimental, noise artists, sound designers but it works as well on a more conventional approach.

Granö features

4-voice granular synthesizer with Drone/Keyboard mode.
XY Pad Automation for grain position and volume.
2-pole State Variable Filter.
2 dedicated ADSR Envelope for Filter and Amp.
2 unique swappable Multi-effects wired in series with 2 XY Pad Automations.
Modulation Matrix with 5 slots, independent LFOs and 2 assignable Automations.
Quantizer with 10 Scales to play and modulate in tune.
Parallel Master Compressor/Limiter.
Global Randomizer.
Low CPU usage.

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