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DrumDrops Krautrock Loops Pack WAV

Team DECiBEL | 25 October 2020 | 289.4 MB

We at Drumdrops HQ have been long time fans of the hypnotic groove of Krautrock. When we met with legendary drummer and producer Ben Hillier a few months back to discuss this project we were all incredibly excited about bringing grooves inspired by legends such as Jaki Liebezeit and bands such as Can, Neu, Tangerine Dream and Faust to our catalogue. Cited and adapted by artists as diverse as Bowie, ENO, Q-Tip, The Horrors and the Foals the Motorik beat of Krautrock continues to inspire many years after 70s origins.

This pack was recorded and played by the two Bens at their Agricultural Audio Studio, the drums were recorded using vintage German microphones through their vintage 60s Studer desk, they pack really gives you the true authentic Krautrock sound.

We’ve used a hybrid kit with lots of damping And placed screens around the kit to reduce any room sound bleeding onto the close mics to emulate the clear and bright dry sound heard on many classic Krautrock recordings. The kit was recorded mainly through 1970s Studer 089 console but with a couple of extras from Tonelux and Telefunken

BD – Slingerland 24×14 (Niles era)
Sn- Slingerland SoundKing 14×5 chrome over brass (1960’s)
Toms – Gretsch Broadcaster 13×8 and 16×15 (1950’s)
HiHats – Paiste formula 602 14″
Ride – Sabian HH 20″ medium ride
Crash – Sabian HHX 16″

Mic setup:
Oheads – CMV563 w.M7 capsules, Telefunken 776 Pres
BD – Crowley and Tripp El Diablo and AKG D25, Studer 089
Sn – Beyerdynamic M201, Studer 089
HiHat – AMC D44, Studer 089
Toms – Aston Starlight, Studer 089
Close Room – Aea R88, RPQ2 & Studer 089
Far Room – Earthworks TC20, Tonelux MP1a

Ben Hillier’s creative and experimental approach to production has seen him turn Moroccan palaces and curtain warehouses alike into studios. His work on BLUR’s incredible Think Tank lead to Ben producing brilliant albums for DOVES, CLINIC and ELBOW. Following his production of DEPECHE MODE’s Sounds Of The Universe record, Ben turned his hand to mixing, working on records for EDITORS and THE MAGIC NUMBERS, as well as VILLAGERS’ stunning debut, the Mercury and Q Award nominated Becoming A Jackal, and two albums for GRAHAM COXON

The Loops Pack contains stereo mixes of all the tracks, broken down into separate grooves and fills. These are ready-to-go loops perfect for loading straight into your track without any need for mixing or processing.

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