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Cinematic Strings 2 v2.11u4 EV’s unofficial update KONTAKT

P2P | 08 April 2015 | 14.3 GB

As promised here’s the (hopefully) last installment of unofficial updates for Cinematic Strings 2 – all samples have gone through 20dB precise denoising algorithm.
Numerous other changes have taken place since its first appearance as version 2.11 .

Some features included here are not to be found on commercial version, notably Con Sordino, Static and Dynamic patches.
This update is cumulative – you don’t need previous ones.

2.11u3 introduced Con Sordino, meticulously crafted and modeled through Kontakt’s internal EQ engine.
Here’s short video I made for you to demonstrate some of the features:
I’ve reminded myself that I need to learn how to speak fluently, please excuse my strange accent and grammar mistakes – I’m not used to talking while recording. This is my first attempt.
If you have any remarks, please let me know in the comments.

Full changelog:
2.11u1 – February 2013
Fixed Decay time on sustain articulation to remove noise buildup
Fixed AC hum in release samples and short notes
2.11u2 – April 2013
Value 0 on CC1 no longer mutes the sound, zero value now refers to pure pp samples. Please execute niente using CC11
Added Dynamic patches with wider dynamic range on CC1
2.11u3 – March 2015
New Sordino patches – modelled Con Sordino using Kontakt built-in 3-band EQ
New Static patches – CC1 crossfades between layers without volume differences
Improved legato transitions on mp and pp
Improved volume curve on Dynamic patches
NKI Clean-up
2.11u4 – April 2015
Further 20dB wide-band denoising to compensate for artificial CS

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