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Impact Soundworks Modern Harpejji KONTAKT

Team DECiBEL | 08 April 2021 | 1.44 GB

Perform the expressive, versatile, and wholly-unique sound of the Harpejji from Marcodi Musical Products with this authentic & authorized virtual instrument! From fluid bass parts to rich polyphonic keyboard sounds, our Modern Harpejji captures the full range of clean tones from a 24-string Harpejji K24 and gives you unparalleled tools to shape the sound to your own taste.


The Harpejji, handcrafted by Marcodi Musical Products in Maryland, USA, is one of the most unique instruments of the 21st century. Played by such musicians as Stevie Wonder, Jacob Collier, Jordan Rudess, and A.R. Rahman, it combines elements from traditional keyboard instruments with bass & guitar, with a unique layout (up to 24 strings) that is played exclusively by tapping. Virtuosic leads (with vibrato & pitch bends), walking basslines, and rich chords are all equally possible – at the same time!

Our authorized, virtual version of this incredible instrument features the sound of the Harpejji K24, the largest model with the widest range. Because it was recorded clean (direct in/DI), you can shape the tone however you want, and we’ve included a wide selection of snapshots to inspire your creativity.

But Modern Harpejji can also go beyond the capabilities of the physical instrument. You can create new sounds by layering up to 3 strings on the same pitch simultaneously, switch to all bass or all treble strings, enable scale-correct harmonies, and adjust the dynamic response of the entire instrument.

Thanks to its versatile sound and Kontakt engine, Modern Harpejji works for a huge range of styles and genres – and it’s simply a blast to play. We hope you’ll enjoy it in your own music productions!

All 24 strings of an authentic Harpejji K24
Clean bass sounds and clavinet-style treble
Full sustain, mute, and legato articulations
Over 2,200 clean (DI) samples included
Ideal for processing & amping
20+ included tone snapshots

Fully custom Kontakt engine
Stack up to 3 strings for an ensemble sound
Switch to treble, bass, or combined strings
Customize the touch and feel of the instrument
Newly-expanded CONSOLE FX rack and mixer
Now includes premium delay, reverb, and compression

KONTAKT PLAYER 6.5+ required
1.5GB disk space

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