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Joey Sturgis Drums Shoulder City (Toms) KONTAKT

P2P | 30 April 2020 | 103 MB

Shoulder City

Recorded, Edited, Mixed by Joey Sturgis

All samples are a work of art created by Joey Sturgis.
You may not sell these samples as a work of your own.
You may use these samples in a music, video, or film production.
You may not sell these samples (as a whole, or in part) within other libraries, sample sets, or products of any kind.

Tom Package:
Kontakt Instruments, ALL (full kontakt 4 only)
Kontakt Multi, tom set in one instrument
Wav File for each sample
Each tom recorded with articulations and performed velocity

Tom Info:
All toms are from a Dorsia kit. Unfortunately, the sizes are unknown.
It is a set of three toms (high, mid, and low).

Recording Info:
Recorded at 44.1 kHz 24 bit in .wav format
Pres Used: API 3124+, DigiMax D8, RME FF800, Great River ME-1NV
Clocks Used: BIGBEN
Convertors Used: RME FF800, DIGI 192 I/O
“Perfect Dynamics” achieved by pre-volume leveling of each articulation
All samples are “pre-panned” from the drummer’s perspective
Pre-Mixed and ready for production by Joey Sturgis

Mic’s Used:
Neumann, Rode, Oktava, Audio Technica

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