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ModeAudio Cassette 808 Drums WAV

FANTASTiC | 28 December 2020 | MERRY XMAS | 11 MB

Turn back the analog clock and introduce your DAW to the golden age of crunch and punch with our latest Mini Pack collection, Cassette 808 Drums!

Featuring 112 royalty-free drum samples lovingly recorded by running our 808 drum machine through a vintage Tascam 4 track cassette machine, we haven’t held back on driving signals into the red to capture all the nostalgic joy of tape hiss and saturation.

The legendary 808 drum machine needs no introduction and from those signature booming kicks to the crisp punch of its celebrated snares, claps, hats and percussion, this delicious slice of analog sampling heaven also delivers all the characterful warmth and tasteful, soft hiss of classic cassette technology.

We’ve even included 12 samples collected from the tape machine itself, spanning pure hits of blissful tape hiss, chunky button pushes as well as the unmistakable sound of tape spooling forwards and in reverse.

From golden era Hip Hop straight to the roots of House and Techno, producers from across the genre spectrum will instantly recognise these vintage drum hits as essential ingredients for building the most celebrated styles of electronic music.

Alongside the core sample library itself, we’ve also mapped, mixed and choke-assigned 6 drum kit sampler patches to get your beats up and moving straight after download – just fire up your favourite DAW, load up a sampler and you’re ready to hammer out your next rhythm.

In short, it’s the sound of your favourite drum machine, with added warmth, grit and character – download Cassette 808 Drums and get beatmaking today!

Pack Contents

•33 Kick Samples
•12 Snare Samples
•12 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
•31 Percussion Samples (Clap, Clave, Conga, Cowbell, Maracas, Snare Rim & Cymbal)
•12 Tom Samples
•12 Tape Machine Samples (Tape Hiss & Buttons)
•112 Drum & Tape Machine Samples

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