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ModeAudio Sift WAV MiDi Serum


P2P | 24 March 2020 | 31 MB

Feel the winds swirl up vast clouds and the currents pull rolling waves of blissful sound through your music with our latest sound pack release, the euphoric Sift – Serum Ambient Presets!

Presenting 50 custom-crafted .fxp presets for the award-winning Xfer Serum soft synth in one royalty-free package, this synth patch collection delivers tide after tide of serene yet sifting, scintillating sound.

From huge, billowing bass presets and widescreen pads to fluttering textures, enveloping drones, propulsive percussion, ecstatic synth leads and beyond, this preset library will conjure rich veins of Ambient sorcery within your next Downtempo, Soundtrack or Minimal project.

This preset selection is built from 22 custom wavetables and 9 bespoke noise samples, sourced from our extensive vault of field recordings and analog synth jams. These are sounds you won’t find anywhere else, bringing a real-world depth and vibrancy to your sound design.

We’ve assigned all 4 macros for all 50 presets, giving you instant sound design options for controlling your sound to perfectly fit your session, from filter cutoffs to reverb amounts, LFO rates, envelope times and more.

Completing the set are 50 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files, designed to accompany each of the presets and offer you instant musical building blocks in the form of basslines, chords progressions and melodies.

Construct layers of sound as soft and warm as the towering desert dunes in your next music production – travel there in an instant with Sift – Serum Ambient Presets today!

Pack Contents
10 Texture Presets
11 Pad Presets
10 Bass Presets
6 Drone Presets
5 Lead Synth Presets
4 Percussion Presets
4 Melodic Synth Presets
9 Custom Noise Samples (Field Recordings & Noises)
22 Custom Wavetables (Analog & Digital Synths)
50 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled)

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