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Benjamin Soma Chord Player v2.7 for Ableton Live

Team DECiBEL | 22 March 2020 | 2.7 MB

Intuitively play chords like an experienced pianist using the Chord Player for Ableton Live!

No need to memorize confusing new fingerings to learn how to play chords on a grid controller. With this extensive Ableton Live MIDI effect rack you can play chords in any key with just one finger!

Play bass, chords, and melody without ever playing a wrong note!

Put my music theory knowledge to work for you:

The chords and bass notes in each key have been meticulously organized to create proper voice-leading by ear quickly and easily.

This Ableton Live MIDI effect rack translates incoming MIDI into chords, so you can play it with any MIDI controller. However it was intended for use with grid controllers like the Ableton Push, Push 2, Novation Launchpad, LinnStrument by Roger Linn Design, as well as 16-pad MIDI controllers.

This is not a plug-in, but rather a deep MIDI effect rack created in Ableton Live. So it runs natively in the latest version of Ableton Live 10 on Win or Mac, without any third-party software or Max for Live.

Requires Ableton Live 10.1 or later

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