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Luftrum Sound Design Luftrum 21 for Sylenth1

Team DECiBEL | 13 May 2020 | 0.2 MB

Luftrum 21 is a soundbank collaboration between Luftrum, synthwave artist Michael Oakley and producer legend Arksun. The trio have teamed up in a time-travel to create a nostalgic set of 128 handcrafted 80s inspired synth presets for Sylenth1, designed with usability in mind and sounds that sit well in a mix.

With over 12 years of age, Sylenth1 has proved itself as an immortal synth classic, praised by producers worldwide, still competitive in sound and still ranked high on todays best-of lists, including the MusicRadar list over the “25 Best VST Synths in the World”.

Luftrum 21 is from the time when VHS and Karate Kid were totally rad! When Marty McFly burned rubber in his DeLorean and when “wax on, wax off…” made perfectly sense. The soundbank is full of iconic synth keys, pulsewidth leads, legacy pads, retro basslines and melodic arpeggios and sequences, all influenced by a broad mix of old and modern artists such as FM Attack, Sylvester, Imagination, The Midnight, Yazoo, Kalax, Sandra, Timecop1983 and a multitude of others. It’s the perfect match for synthwave, synthpop, funk, italo disco and retrowave – or just about any modern production in need of an aesthetic finesse.

Kick back, fire up your DeLorean, turn up the volume and take a drive down memory lane…

Luftrum 21 requires Sylenth1 v3.0.5 or later to load, presets will not load or work in earlier versions of Sylenth1. The background image of the soundset cover is created and licensed by Skiegraphic Studio. All sounds in the demos below are from Luftrum 21, with the exception of the drums in the Arksun track and the Michael Oakley demo. We created no less than two YouTube demo vids for this release, do check them out below!

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