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Rocket Powered Sound Ultimate EDM Serum Pack & Extension SERUM PRESETS

P2P | 10 October 2020 | 20 MB

“EDM Secrets” of Top 1% of Professional Producers… Sound like a Pro within minutes of Using These Serum Presets! Unlock The Secrets Of Marshmello, Kygo, Fisher, & More…

Like many of you can relate to, I had to face…

Sifting through HUNDREDS of crappy production tutorials, only to feel more confused than I started

Wasting HOURS playing with plugins, only to end up with sub-par, cheesy sounds

Struggling to stand out and get my music noticed in the growing crowd of music producers

But during these times when I felt it was ME vs THE WORLD…

I understood that if I could just master sound design, then I would make a name for myself!

Easier said than done right?
‘How would I do this?’
‘Where should I start?’
‘Who should I learn from?’

..but when I started asking myself these questions

A “Wake Up Call” Hit Me!

The pain of knowing I was just ‘ONE SOUND AWAY’ from performing in front of thousands at a festival, but NOT being able to get that KILLED ME!

Like many of you, I would spend HOURS watching Youtube tutorials, twisting knobs hoping I’ll one day sound like a pro!

Just to walk away empty-handed…

So instead of trying to ‘Reinvent The Wheel’ I started reverse engineering thousands of big name sounds. Learning directly from the best in the industry, modeling their success!

Here’s Where Things Change For You…

Instead of making you waste THOUSANDS of HOURS playing the guessing game… we’ll GIVE you the secrets to make music that stands out and gets noticed!

Grab our Ultimate Serum pack fully loaded with Professional-Quality EDM Presets That Will Make Your Music Stand Out in 2020…With Just One Click Of a Button!


* 160 Serum Presets (.fxp files)
* 38 wavetables (.wav files)

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