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Posted in Samples MIDI, SoundFonts, Akai presets, patches, impulses

SynthHacker Soulect For Xfer Records Serum PRESETS MiDi

P2P | 13 January 2021 | 402.7 MB

Inspired by the sounds of artists like Kaytranada, Disclosure, Pomo, FKJ, Jerry Folk & more, SOULECT for Serum is a high quality collection of presets for soulful electronic music. A versatile collection of Keys, Pads, Bass and Leads are included and are a modern interpretation of vintage analog and digital synths & keyboards from the 80’s and 90’s. Perfect for production in a variety of genres such as R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, House & Pop these presets make use of my own custom made wavetables which sample real instruments, analog synths & samplers. Each preset comes with all 4 macros preassigned to key parameters, giving you lots of easy control over the sound and the ability to tweak the sound to fit your own needs.

In total SOULECT includes:
20 Keys
15 Basses
10 Pads
10 Leads

Also included is the free SynthHacker Essentials bundle containing all my custom wavetables, template presets, noise files & tutorial MIDI.

Requires a copy of Xfer Serum v1.306 or later.

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