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apulSoft apUnmask v1.0.1 WiN MacOSX

Team R2R | 12 November 2020 | WiN: 5.8 MB | MAC: 10.3 MB

apulSoft apUnmask is an audio plugin to amplify components of the audio that are psychoacoustically masked by other components.

To achieve this, apUnmask uses parts of the detector algorithm of the opus high-quality audio compression codec. Signal components that would get removed by compression are extracted. These can normally not be heard as they are masked by louder components in time and frequency. apUnmask enables amplifying and sculpting the masked content and adding it to the music.

To shape the frequencies of the extracted signal, it is fed through a linear phase graphical equalizer. It features a bezier curve smoothed frequency response without overshoot.

The result is a form of hyperrealistic audio. The process helps the listener to hear more aspects of the music at the same time. apUnmask can be used as a mastering effect or as an intelligent exciter for single instruments

Normally lossy audio compression just removes things. Decades of research have lead to clever algorithms to detect what can be taken away without the listener noticing – all to save on data size. Using apUnmask you can now use this research power to your benefit, extract and amplify those signals and help the listener’s ears to hear more.

Insert apUnmask on the master track or an individual track to be enhanced.
Adjust the master gain until a reasonable amount of delta signal is visible.
Toggle the delta listen button to hear the “ghostly” sound what would be removed by the opus codec. This is what normally lives in the shadows of your music.
Experiment with the resolution knob to find the most interesting components.
Tweak the eq curve to extract and boost the good stuff.
Turn off delta listen and enjoy the result.

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