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IK Multimedia MixBox v1.0.1 WiN

Team R2R | 31 October 2020 | 261.6 MB

MixBox packs 70 award-winning mixing processors and creative effects into a convenient 500-series style plug-in. Create, compare and save your own custom channel strips or multiFX chains, or choose from over 600 presets to give your creativity a kickstart. Whether in your favorite DAW or stand-alone, MixBox combines a massive range of effects and powerful workflow to supercharge your mixes.

Derived from IK’s award-winning T-RackS, AmpliTube and SampleTank plug-ins, every processor offers immaculate sound, from powerful digital effects to warm, authentic physical models of classic analog gear. And for reverb, MixBox offers 4 all-new, massively improved algorithms for hall, room, plate and inverse.

MixBox supercharges your workflow, keeping every parameter immediately at hand in a compact, efficient, and easily editable GUI. No more juggling plug-in windows to adjust two or more effects at once.

Whether you’re tracking vocals, warming up virtual instruments, customizing a Splice groove or diving deep into sound design, MixBox will always have the right effect for you. Together with the typical EQ Dynamics and Channel Strip processor you would expect to find, you also will have Filters, Modulation, Saturation, Reverbs, Delays, Distortion, and Amps.

Packed with both individual processor and whole-chain presets, covering a range of uses, styles, genres and more. Plus, you can easily save and recall your own presets for future use. Offering individual gain and dry/wet controls for each processor, letting you precisely control gain staging just like you would with real hardware. An additional sidechain input lets you trigger effects like compression from a second signal, to tighten up kick drums and basses, or pump your master bus.

Stand-alone mode gives you a complete mixing experience, with up to 8 separate racks of 8 processors each. Just feed audio into your computer from any source, whether a digital mixer or audio interface, and you’ll have a highly optimized mixing environment to meet the needs of virtually any mixing situation.

The main panel gives you control over all 8 racks at once. Load rack presets, add or remove processors from each rack, activate side-chain and manage input/output channels and gain for each rack, all from one panel.

Everything you need to create complex mixes in one easy-to-use window.

Key Features:
Create your own custom channel strips.
70 FX from T-RackS, AmpliTube & SampleTank.
Dynamics, EQs, Filters, Modulation, Channel Strips, Saturation, Reverbs, Delays, Distortion and Amps.
4 all-new algorithms for hall, room, plate and inverse reverbs.
Chain up to 8 processors in a single instance.
Lightning-fast workflow with all controls at your fingertips.
Save and recall entire chains, instantly.
Over 600 presets for every situation, including single processor and whole-chain presets.
Stand-alone hosts up to 8 full racks for live mixing.

What’s New in v1.0.1
– Fixed an issue with potential graphic artifacts on larger HD displays
– Fixed an issue with latency compensation for bypassed modules with altered wet/dry values.
– Fixed some incorrect Frequency values displayed on the EQ81 Channel Strip.
– Fixed a potential graphics issue when resizing the GUI to smaller sizes
– Fixed text values to display centered in their boxes

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