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OZ-Soft Genesis Pro v1.0.0 WiN

Team R2R | 24 April 2020 | 602.6 MB

– Purely designed to extend your creative potential
– Explore and discover infinite ways of creating sounds
– Get started now with the most complete and intelligent plugin of its kind

Almost every knob on the interface has its own settinqs and adjustments. These are shown on the Multi-Display. As a sound desiqner you can qo real in depth, tweak any settinq you like!

You qet to decide which oscillators you will use to create on audiolove.club your sounds. Use 1,2 or 3 oscillators at the same time and stack thinqs up. Or split it up by havinq a different sound on your riqht side of the keyboard and somethinq different on the left. Be creative!

We saw “cracking 1 euro software does not make sense” in some forums,
however, after checking this program deeply, we are now sure that we need
to release this to disclose the problems of this software.
Activation has flaw
Activation is WebAuth based C&R. Computer Name + CPUID + HDD Serial to
identify the computer. Registry value and license file will be saved to the

Registry value is “HKCU\SOFTWARE\Oz-Soft\GenesisPro” “licenseKey”.

However, develper put WCHAR array to ANSI Registry API.
Value will be saved to “HKCU\S” “l”.
Obviously not tested.

Their internal license helper is linked with MSVC14 runtime but not included.
Some users can’t launch and they will have invalid license issue. Our one
does not even include that license helper because it’s not needed.

To avoid additional issue, we cracked their license this time. When they
release working software with working licensing system, we will try keygening
like always 🙂

Wrong installation
Legit installer put files to wrong location. We think developer is using
32bit OS for testing, but not tested under 64bit OS.

Permission Issue
Old SynthEdit DLL extracts its module files to the same location at the
first launch. After Windows XP SP2, writing files to “Program Files” is not
allowed without admin rights. Many users would have issue if he/she installs
file to that directory.

We pre-extract the module DLL so you won’t have the issue with our release.

RAM Usage
This info should be addressed by official web site.

* 1 instance of Genesis Pro needs about 600MB.

Because 32bit addressing space is 2GB, the 32bit space will be easily dried
up by loading few instances. (Technically you can use 3GB+ RAM in modern
32bit process but most audio hosts + plugins crashes after using 2GB even
with “Large Address Aware” options).

Double Cheese Burger
Genesis Pro is made with SynthEdit.
Genesis Pro includes internal VST plugin made with FlowStone.


We think developer is better to strip the complete protection codes from the
software. To hire good engineer who can code good working WebAuth system,
it costs more than protecting it. Supporting users also costs a lot!Team R2R Note

home page
download from free file storage

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