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Rob Papen eXplorer v6.1.1d WiN

Team R2R | 18 October 2020 | 7.8 GB

This inspirational bundle holds 26 RP products if you include the amazing Prisma!

Quad: PhaseDistortion and WaveShaper synthesizer
XY-Transfer: XY-modulation FX multiprocessor
Punch 2: Power drum machine with synthesis and sample-based
BIT: Ultimate virtual analog synthesizer
Vecto: Four-oscillator vector synthesizer
Go2: The power of limitations synthesizer
RAW-Kick: Edgy Kicks for contemporary dance music.
MasterMagic: Adds a touch of magic for your Mix or Master.
SubBoomBass 2: The ultimate bass synthesizer.
Predator 2: The Synth that hunts your tracks!
BLUE-II: Cross-fusion synthesis at its finest.
RG: Electric and acoustic guitar grooves.
RP-Verb 2: Most intriguing in RP-VERB 2 – alongside the great sound – is the new ‘Reverser’ section!
RP-EQ: Silky smooth sounding channel and mastering EQ.
Blade: The cutting edge of today’s synthesizers!
Punch: Speaker busting and body rattling drum machine.
Punch-BD: Based on the BD module of the multi-award-winning Punch virtual drum synth,
RP-Delay: Delay insanity. Reverser, 6 lines, 8 filters, 4 LFOs, and more.
RP-Distort: Wicked FX unit that will distort or alter your tracks.
RP-Amod: Spice up your vocal track, liven an instrument and even beef up your drums.
RP-Reverse: Reverses the incoming audio in a creative way.
RAW: Cutting edge EDM synthesizer with the focus on ‘distorted sounds’
SubBoomBass: Ultra-deep groove bass synth with a built-in step sequencer.
Predator: Phat analog style synth with killer presets and first-class features.
PredatorFX: Filter, modulation, vocoder and effects plug-in.
Prisma: Get creative using Rob Papen’s take on instrument layering.


Our keygen is compatible with legit eXplorer 6. Legit user can use it with

legit serial and legit installer.

Bonus – Our custom 64bit wrapper saves up to 2GB of the installation and RAM
usage, especially if you use AAX version of Prisma – legit version cause
double DLL loading issue.


We think we need to mention the protection of RP “AGAIN” because it is
getting serious recent days. It is hitting the strage and RAM resource.

Rob Papen is still using the protection which checks (the SHA1 hash of)
serial number one by one. One serial number needs 29 bytes to be verified.
To make matter worse, they contains few hashes for one serial for timebomb.

29 * NumberOfSerials * NumberOfChecks = TotalBytesWasted!

RobPapen Predator v1.6.5g (included in this bundle) has 103,399 serials. It
uses about 32MB in the DLL file (wow!). When RP releases new plugin bundle
like eXplorer series, new serial hashes will be added to the binary.

Let’s face the fact.

Predator v1.6.2c (2012) – 26.5MB
Predator v1.6.5 (2015) – 51.0MB
Predator v1.6.5g (2020) – 72.4MB

RP-Delay v1.0.1b (2012) – 25.5MB
RP-Delay v1.0.3b (2020) – 114MB

DLL Size of Predator = 72.4MB
DLL data (.rdata) = 33.2MB
Serial hashes in DLL data (.rdata) = 30MB (90% of data, 41% of DLL)
PNG Image in DLL = 29.4MB

Here is a virtual code of serial verification.
They change salt value “blah” to do multiple check.
var userSerialHash = toString( SHA1(userSerial + “blah”) );
var numberOfSerials = 103399; // Predator contains 103,399 serials!
var goodSerialHashes[numberOfSerials] = [
var isAuthorized = false;

for (var i = 0; i < numberOfSerials; i++) {
if (userSerialHash == goodSerialHashes[i]) {
// It continues verification even after it’s authorized!
isAuthorized = true;
return isAuthorized;


Or, Predator will be over 100MB in few years!

With latest bundle, it’s even impossible to load all RP produts to one
project on 32bit hosts due to the 2GB RAM limit. Ironically, it should work
fine if they strip all those hardcoded serials. Think twice that most of
bedroom producers still use the computer with 8GB or less RAM. Do not kill
the customer!

Developer should code new simple authorization (keyfile or base64 encoded
serial) with RSA sign and just verify it from DLL. All done without hardcode.
Is it difficult for them?

Legit users, please tell them. It’s not a funny situation for you 🙂

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