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Solemn Tones The Odin II WiN MacOSX

P2P | 13 September 2020 | WiN: 2 GB | MAC: 2.5 GB

Whether you need to replace sub-par guitar tracks, produce a guitar-heavy song or just want to create demo’s with a professional sound, The Odin ll will allow you to program your own riffs and chord progressions in the blink of an eye.

– Sampled with a custom ESP LTD
– Tracked through a world class recording chain
– Creates clean DI for you to re-amp
– No Kontakt or 3rd party sampler required
– Access 17 different articulations


Odin 2 was recorded with an Evertune bridge, which means you never need to worry about out-of-tune guitars again!


Tunes down to double drop C so you can access all relevant drop tunings. No more wobbly strings for you!


Write new guitar parts or replace sub-par guitar tracks from the comfort of your desk (or tour bus). No more wasted time!

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