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Sonic Core Scope Pci v5.1.2709 + Scope Sdk Pci v5.1 WiN

P2P | 04 July 2020 | 597 MB

Hardware Processed Virtual Studio
The Virtual Studio for SCOPE XITE-1 and SCOPE PCI DSP-Boards comes with a rich Suite of hardware-processed DSP Plug-Ins.

Sound Creation and Processing by real Hardware
SCOPE provides you with the Technology of world-class real digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers. The sample-based floating-point processing of the SCOPE DSP Hardware and the distinguished sound algorithms have made its authentic, lively and characterful sound an established benchmark. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment represents the Visualization of the Audio Equipment being processed by the SCOPE DSP Hardware.

A complete Production Studio full of excellent Equipment
Thanks to the exceptional performance of the SHARC® Super Harvard Architecture, the SCOPE DSP Hardware can house sophisticated Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing and Mastering Plug-Ins for an entire Music Production. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment provides a huge arsenal of expressive sounding hardware-quality equipment. It opens the door to unlimited inspiration and sonic creations.

The most flexible Hardware DSP System available
With its real-time processing, SCOPE is predestined to be connected to further latency free hardware equipment. The Multiple high-quality inputs and outputs and free routing capabilities of its Plug-Ins make the SCOPE Virtual Studio to a central of your setup, which can be used live on stage and for direct monitoring comprehensively. Through its flexible modular routing concept, SCOPE can be organized like a real Music Production Studio.

– Crack operates without causing OS blue screen errors, unless Scope is misused such at closing Scope before closing DAW, when Scope driver was active.

– Some working commercial plugins are included such at Prodyssey CV, ProWave, Zarg RD II Modules, several other Zarg plugins, Flexor 3 and Modular IV modular modules, Ocean Swift Synthesis SDK module pack, and some others. Some Flexor 3 and Modular IV modules do not produce sound. Also there are folders named Pulsar in Synths/Effects/Mixers sections
containing working older factory plugins, as many factory 5.1 plugins do not produce sound.

– In Modular need to use included ‘Empty Modular.mdl’ shell, factory 5.1 shell ‘Empty’ produces no sound! Included shell loads any version modules.

Installation in short (XP/VISTA/WIN7 x64):
1. install Scope PCI
2. install Scope SDK PCI
3. copy patched file folders ‘SCOPE PCI’ and ‘SCOPE SDK PCI’ to installed location replacing files when needed
– read instructions in package

Installation in WIN8.1/WIN10 x64:
– read instructions in package

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