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Thimeo Stereo Tool v9.6.1 WiN

P2P | 13 November 2020 | 64 MB

Stereo tool is a software-based audio processor which offers outstanding audio quality and comes with many unique features. It is used by over 1500 FM stations ranging from small local stations to 50-100 kW stations and nation-wide networks with dozens of transmitters, thousands of streaming stations and many DAB+, HD, AM and TV stations. It can be used for both live and file based processing.

Stereo Tool can make recordings sound equal and consistent in volume and sound color, bring out the details, and increase existing stereo effects. It can repair ‘broken’ stereo images which often occur on cassette tapes, vinyl and cheap CD’s, which normally causes havoc when playing it on a mono system, headphones or a system which includes a stereo widener.

Special support (not free) is included for radio stations: Much louder output levels, FM pre-emphasis, stereo coding and RDS coding for FM stations, and protection of highs against distortion caused by lossy compression for web radio stations. The processing latency can be reduced as low as 12 ms, at the cost of reduced fidelity. At the maximum quality the processing latency is 93 ms.

Winamp plug-in version
Intended for Winamp, SAM Broadcaster, RadioBOSS, MediaMonkey, AIMP and other applications that support Winamp DSP plug-ins.

Stand alone version
Sound card input to sound card output. Intended mainly for FM radio stations which process external (live) feeds.


– Repairs clipped audio
– Removes distortion, restores dynamics
– Also used by police forensics labs

Improves the sound of MPEG2/MP3 style lossy compressed files

Removes unwanted constant sounds, such as a 50/60 Hz hum from bad cables

Spectrum control:
Non-compressing spectrum equalization

– Wideband AGC
– Two multiband compressors, 2-9 bands
– Wideband compressor
– Low level boost for classical music

Stereo widening:
Choice of multiple stereo wideners

Loud & clean!:
Upto 140% audio level at 100% modulation
Gives 2-3 dB extra headroom for highs
Be the loudest and cleanest station on the dial!

Controls RF bandwidth to avoid reception problems
Compatible with all receivers
Stations report upto 30 km bigger reception area

Stereo / rds:
Built-in stereo and RDS encoder
RT+ and remote control support


Stereo Tool 9.60 is available!

•AGC: Added bands 3/4 (part of Advanced Dynamics license).
•AGC: Added Sudden Dump Protection, speeds up release when level drops a lot. Increases maximum release speed, stops Release Hold and Windowing.
•Analog compressors: Added Progressive Ratio (part of Advanced Dynamics license).
•Auto EQ: Added “Go to center” for near-silence per band, avoids excessive boost of near-silent bands.
•Multiband Compressor 1: Added “Go to target” when gating, with hold delay. Reduces excessive boost of bass and highs on voices, a.o..
•True Bass: Added “Sub Bass Boost” subfilter with sidechain compressor to improve bass level and consistency.
•AGC: Added Progressive Ratio (possibly useful for classical music; doesn’t fully work with Sudden Jump Protection).
•Multiband compressors: Added option for pre-emphasised compression.
•Kantar: Split to a separate plugin DLL for easier validation of new versions.
•Advanced Clipper: Added asymptotic mode. Makes step from not clipping to clipping less abrupt, but also causes some extra distortion.
•RDS: ASCII remote access: Added DPSTEXT command that sends RT and PS text in one go and uses word wrap for PS.
•RDS: ASCII remote access: Hardened to ignore unexpected characters (EOF’s among others) in the data.
•Advanced Clipper: Default settings: Changed frequencies for even harmonics from 1000/2000 Hz to 400/800 Hz to avoid issues in older presets.
•Linux version: Jack behavior improved, names corrected (FM/normal output), latency reduced.
•ARM version: Set a slightly higher minimum latency value.
•GUI: Show a popup message if the sound card buffer filling gets too high or too low.
•GUI: Streaming .dll’s not found error message improved (clear message instead of a weird hexadecimal code).
•GUI: Updated French translation.
•Modern web interface: Fixed μ character display in modern webinterface.
•XST/SST web interface: Added Quick Adjust settings to main page (which was empty before).
•Bug fix: Modern web interface: Fixed horizontal scrolling issue.
•Bug fix: RDS: Code was sending euro sign as an E, but the euro sign ASCII code in RDS is actually an à.
•Bug fix: MicroMPX: ARM version: Previous (retracted) release (combined with Stereo Tool 9.52) was incompatible with all other versions.
•Large code refactoring in I/O code to enable future improvements.
•Added and updated presets.
•SST/STX: Updated presets.
•MicroMPX: GPS support for Single Frequency Networks (SFN’s) now works fully, and on a lot more hardware:
•MicroMPX: GPS: Added support for GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou satellites, besides just GPS.
•MicroMPX decoder: Added measurement of sound card delay to handle differences on restarts (needed for HifiBerry on Pi, among others).
•MicroMPX decoder: Added displays for NMEA timestamps, stream timestamps, 1PPS pulses, audio feedback measurement, current resampling factor, lock.
•MicroMPX encoder: Added displays for NMEA timestamps, samples between NMEA timestamps, clock speed adjustment, lock.
•MicroMPX decoder: Reduce maximum resampling value from 0.1% to 0.05% to fix potential RDS reception issue. Large clock speed offsets will now cause dropouts.
•MicroMPX encoder: Restart GPS sync on sound card restart, also for plugin version in Stereo Tool.
•MicroMPX decoder: Reduced CPU load by about 2%.
•MicroMPX libraries: Add thread affinity settings.
•PhoneBooster initial version released!

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