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Acoustic Guitar: A Beginner’s Guide to Learn The Important Techniques of Playing Acoustic Guitar Like A Pro

English | 2020 | ISBN-13 : 979-8587738553 | 85 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 3 MB

This book is the only book you need in order to learn to play the acoustic guitar like a pro. All too often, newbies to the world of the acoustic guitar are frightened away from learning to play. This is often because of the erroneous assumption that in order to play the guitar, one needs to be able to read music, or understand complex musical notation. There are also those who shy away from learning the guitar on account of how daunting the subject of learning to play seems in most books and teaching material. This is where this book comes in.

With this book, you will learn to play the guitar without having to deal with any fancy notations and things of the sort. The book is deliberately written in such a way as to make it completely clear what you need to do to play those chords and notes you’ve only ever dreamed of.

In this book, you will learn everything you need to know about the guitar, from the parts, to the basics of playing, down to buying the best acoustic guitar. You’ll also learn the chords that allow you to play whatever song you want with confidence, and master the techniques needed for both right hand strumming and picking, as well as left hand fretting. You’ll be given the tools you need to play like a pro, as you read along. You’ll also be given the knowledge you need to write your own songs! This book will give you everything you need to master the guitar. All you need to bring to the table is a willingness to keep practicing, and a hunger to get better and better over time. By the time you are through reading this book, it will become very clear that you really can master the guitar, given a little bit of time and work. With this book, you will find the process of learning the guitar to be a very enjoyable, and fulfilling one indeed.

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