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Music Theory : From Beginner to Intermediate: How to Easily Compose Music for Piano, Guitar or Any other Musical Instrument

English | 2020 | ASIN: B08CW746P3 | 152 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 7.9 MB

• Have you been longing to learn how to sight-read and write music like a pro? Maybe graduate from just reading and writing guitar tablatures to understanding traditional music notation and what those somewhat funny symbols stand for?
• Do you want to understand time signature, meter, tempo, and dynamics, learn how to group musical beats to create some pleasing and interesting melodies?
• Do you want to understand how musical scales like the pentatonic and diatonic are constructed, and not just how to construct them, but also how to create beautiful melodies with them?
• Do you want to become better at songwriting and composition?
• Do you want to understand how to employ compositional tools like “tension and release”, “call and response” and symmetry to create amazing and ever-appealing musical melodies that will only wow your listeners?
• Are you yet to decide whether you should study music theory or are still looking for excellent reasons you should dedicate your time to studying music theory?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above-asked questions; just keep reading…

Music is one of the best gifts mother nature has given us. There is music everywhere, from the busy traffic to the very solemn woods, there is music in your heart and also in the heart of the birds, you see flying around. Music is something every human being on the surface of the earth should understand, or at least seek to understand. It gets very important if you are a musician. Without even being told, you should just know that it makes sense to study the ‘rules’ of music- actually the rules of everything. You might have looked up some online materials to see what is really about this “music theory”, only to find that it is some dry, kind of boring and abstract topic you are not sure you want to waste your time on. Maybe the more you keep seeking to understand, the more it keeps getting confusing because they brought in ‘lines and spaces’ and some hilarious looking symbols. This book here will make music theory more meaningful, fun, and a lot less boring for you.

Let us look at some very important things you will learn from this book;

• #10 very important tips that will transform your songwriting and help you create memorable and beautiful tunes and hooks and also make you stand out.
• Everything you had always wanted to know about rhythm and beats.
• The secret to understanding musical note values and how music notation works (whole note, half note, quarter note, and eight-note).
• Quick and easy ways to count complex musical beats.
• The easiest ways to grasp the concepts of rests, dotted notes, ties, and triplets and how they are used in music composition.
• Powerful and useful tips to understanding how time signature works in music and how to calculate them.
• Quick ways to understand dynamics, dynamic markings, and tempo.
• The easiest way to understanding the intricacies of a musical score.
• Every useful thing you had always wanted to know about melodies, how to compose great melodies, and how to write fantastic songs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a part-time musician or full-time musician, beginner, intermediate or expert musician, this book will be useful to you. You may not even have to be a musician to get this, after all, music is something we all should seek to understand. You can also get this for a student, sibling, or son/daughter. You will not regret you got this. Scroll up and click the “Buy now with 1-click” button and let’s get you started!

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