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Domestika Directing Low-Cost Music Videos TUTORiAL

P2P | 05 January 2021 | 1.11 GB

How to produce and film a professional video with few resources
Juanma Carrillo has made spots for international brands and clients such as the community of Madrid or the festival ‘FIRE !!’ of cinema in Barcelona, although it is in the music video where he finds the freedom to project everything that inspires him. Good sample of it is the trilogy of videoclips ‘Premeditation, Nocturnality and Alevosía’ that has directed for the Well-loved one or ‘Ataraxia’, that realized for the Blue House.

To make a video clip it is necessary to think about images, but always keeping in mind the tempo, the rhythm and the lyrics of the song. In addition, on many occasions, it is necessary to adapt to the lack of means and deadlines adjusted. In this course Juanma will teach you the whole process of creating a low cost music video from the birth of the idea, to the final montage, through the creation of the storyboard, preproduction and filming.

You will begin by getting to know Juanma’s work and career within the audiovisual world, who will also tell you about his influences and the professionals he admires.

Afterwards, he will tell you about the importance of visual documentation and will discover some of the places he usually goes in search of inspiration and that he uses to create the dossiers that he presents to the client before the video is made.

Juanma will show you what are the materials necessary to carry out a production of these characteristics.

During the pre-production phase, you will talk about the importance of a good casting, the selection of locations and how to capture all the specifications in a technical script based on references, which will also help you to create the shooting plan.

Once on the set, Juanma will reveal some tricks of filming and lighting and share with you important information when it comes to directing the actors in your video clip.

As for post-production, you will see how to make the assembly, how to do the color retouch and how to export the project to present it to the client.

What is this course’s project?
You will choose a song that you like and you will make a music video with few media and incredible results.

Who is it for?
Filmmakers, editors, photographers, creators and anyone with concerns in the world of music and film who want to explore new forms of audiovisual production.

What you need
Although Juanma will show you the whole process of making a video clip, it is advisable that you have basic knowledge of photography and editing.

With respect to the materials, you will need a video camera, a computer with an editing program and the file of the song to which you want to put images.

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