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Evenant Trailer Orchestration course TUTORiAL

P2P | 04 January 2021 | 3.9 GB

Achieve A Powerful Trailer Sound In Your Music Through Orchestration, Arranging & Music Production Techniques
Are you constantly loosing sleep at night because you can’t seem to create huge trailer orchestrations without getting a muddy, messy result, or something that sounds more like a soundtrack than a blockbuster trailer?
Thought so.

This is actually very common. Composers often end up sounding very soundtrackish when trying to achieve a huge and powerful cinematic sound, full of excitement and richness.

ou see, trailer orchestration differs greatly from traditional orchestration in the way that power trumps dynamics, minimalism beats complexity, and smart layering, library choices and processing becomes ever so important.

Trailer Orchestration teaches you how to craft powerful orchestral arrangements with a modern trailer sound, while avoiding the common pitfalls and issues.

Through 19 video lessons and practical assignments, you will learn how to bridge the traditional orchestra with modern production techniques for a blockbuster-worthy sound, and learn a bunch of great tips and tricks that you can use in any music genre.

Join the course and gain the knowledge to walk down the streets confidently knowing that your brass chords are the biggest in town.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Achieve a huge, cinematic and powerful trailer sound with simple and effective orchestration techniques.
Which sample libraries provide the cleanest and most powerful sound
Learn quick ways to voice your brass, choirs, strings and synths to really nail that trailer sound.
Mixing techniques and music production quick tips.

What You Get In The Course

19 video lectures covering the entire process of creating a huge track, orchestration and mixing techniques
Access to a Private Trailer Orchestration student group
Trailer SFX Pack
Bonus Ebook #1: Common Orchestration Mistakes In Trailer Music
Bonus Ebook #2: 5 Top Tips For Writing Awesome Trailer Music

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