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SINEE Tom Hades Masterclass TUTORiAL

P2P | 07 July 2020 | 4.19 GB

Tom Hades has stood for organic underground techno for many years – puristic and always ahead. In his online master class, the likeable Belgian demonstrates how he creates a techno track with Ableton Live. The DJ and producer works with many Max 4 live tools such as sequencers, randomizers and hacks. Experience the unique workflow and be inspired by Tom Hades to create your own electronic music productions.

Master class focus

Overall processes of a music production including mastering
Working with various Ableton Max4Live tools
Sound design and sequencing
Professional production techniques including many tips

Content & details
On demand videos
5.5 hours run time
Lifelong access to the course content
Ideal for Ableton Live users
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Workflow hacks
Creative moments are often short-lived. So much the better if you can produce tracks quickly and effectively. Take useful tips and tricks for your own Worfklow from this online master class with Tom Hades.

Track arrangement
There are numerous ways to arrange a techno track, but many producers feel overwhelmed by this process. Tom Hades has his own variant to reach a result and is explained in the master class.

Working with Ableton LIVE
The world of plug-ins, VSTs and Co. is very extensive. But professional music productions can only be implemented with the in-house Ableton Live Tools. Get to know your DAW better in the master class

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