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Truefire Frank Vignola Take 5 Jazz Chord Tone Soloing TUTORiAL

P2P | 31 December 2020 | 476 MB

An essential skill for any jazz guitarist, and the key to improvising over chord changes, is knowing how to target, start, or resolve your lines to a chord tone. You can target the root of a chord, its 3rd or 5th, you can even target extensions of a chord like its 7th or a 9th, which gives your lines that real jazzy feel.

Frank Vignola’s Jazz Chord Tone Soloing edition of Take 5 drills down deep into these essential improvisational skills providing both a solid understanding of the approach and a series of performance studies where you will put those approaches to work over backing tracks.

”We’ll start this course with a chord tone soloing primer where I’ll pass on my approach for resolving and starting my lines when improvising. I’ll show you ways to find chord tones on the neck, how to craft lines that lead to a chord tone using neighboring, chromatic, and scale tones, and some approaches for embellishing your lines using expressions.”

After the primer, Frank guides you through 5 Chord Tone Soloing performance studies, from basic approaches to more sophisticated and challenging approaches. For each of the 5 studies, he’ll focus on a specific chord tone so that you can get a solid grip on the approach.

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