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Truefire Jane Getter Scale Design for Improvisation TUTORiAL

P2P | 09 January 2021 | 801.6 MB

It’s not unusual to find that your vocabulary of traditional jazz scales and arpeggios do not serve the improvisational colors and textures that you hear in your head for a particular situation. Easy fix — design your own!

Jane Getter’s Scale Design for Improvisation presents three core concepts for designing your own scales and arpeggios. By way of example, Jane will demonstrate the approaches using nine scales of her own design: Minor Pentatonic 6, Minor Pentatonic 6 Flat 9, Chennai, Snake Charmer, Altered Pentatonic, Over the Edge, 2 Major Triads, 2 Minor Triads, and Mixed Bag Triads.

“Getter is a superb, genre-bending guitarist equally at home in the jazz-rock, progressive and singer-songwriter realms!” Jane has played with many jazz and rock greats while garnering increasing recognition as a gifted writer, bandleader, instrumentalist, and vocalist. She has performed and recorded with many music icons, including Brother Jack McDuff, Return To Forever drummer Lenny White, vocalist Ursala Dudziak, as well as Jaimoe (of the Allman Brothers), Michal Urbaniak, Kenny Garrett, The Roots the jam, Headhunters drummer Mike Clark, and many others. We’re thrilled to welcome Jane to the family with her first TrueFire course, Scale Design for Improvisation!

“I started designing my own scales because I wanted a different type of sound in certain situations that I was getting from the conventional scales that I already knew. Out of each new scale, I also created an arpeggio that I’ll show you. The point of this course is to introduce you to the concepts behind designing your own scales and hopefully these approaches will inspire you to create your own. This is a great way to develop your own unique individual sound and voice when improvising. I’ll also show you fingerings and harmonic applications for my scales and arpeggios.”

Scale Design for Improvisation has 5 different fingerings for each of the 9 scales and arpeggios. There are tabs, notation, and diagrams for each of the fingerings along with demonstrations and backing tracks for you to play along with.

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