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Truefire Lars Schurse Countrified Blues Guitar Guidebook TUTORiAL

P2P | 10 July 2020 | MP4 GPX PDF | 627 MB

Essential Countrified Techniques & Approaches for the Blues Guitarist
The lines between country music, blues, and even rock are more blurred today than ever before. Legendary guitarists like Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert, Johnny Hiland and Danny Gatton have all ‘countrified’ their fair share of blues progressions and rock grooves. Likewise, dozens of top contemporary rock and blues players have ‘countrified’ their solos with some tasty twang, hybrid picking, and pedal steel licks.

If you’re also itching to countrify your own blues or rock soloing vocabulary, Lars Schurse will get you there in a real hurry with his Countrified Blues Guitar Guidebook.

”We’ll cover key country techniques including hybrid picking, pedal steel licks, behind-the-nut bends, open string licks, and how to mix Mixolydian with blues scales. I’ll keep everything within the perspective of a blues or rock player. Each of these techniques will be explored in-depth and even if you only skim these chapters, you’ll be adding a bit of twang to your solos in no time flat.”

Awarded the Guitar Player Picks Award by Guitar Player Magazine for his extraordinary talents on the instrument, Lars Schurse is a sought-after live and studio guitarist. Spiegel Online calls him, ”One of the best country guitarists of today.” We call ourselves very lucky to welcome Lars to the family with this first TrueFire course, the Countrified Blues Guitar Guidebook!

In the first section of the course, Lars will demonstrate 6 key concepts and techniques: the CAGED System, Note Choice, Hybrid Picking, Pedal Steel Bending, Behind the Nut Bending, and Open String Licks.

With Lars as your guide, you’ll solo your way through 6 countrified blues performance studies putting all of the key concepts and technique to work in a real-world musical context.

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