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Truefire Sean McGowan Trading Solos Jazz Standards Edition TUTORiAL

P2P | 13 January 2021 | 1.2 GB

In Sean McGowan’s Jazz Standard edition of Trading Solos, you’ll comp and then also trade solos with Sean over five jazz standard progressions commonly encountered on the gig or in the jam. The progressions range over a variety of keys, tempos, and feels.

”This course will give you the opportunity to explore a number of approaches to improvisation through soloing and comping – all in real-time. The best way to learn music and improve your playing is to play with others in as many different situations as possible. This is especially true with jazz, which is all about embracing personal expression and style. In this course, we’ll cover a number of different harmonic and rhythmic concepts and strategies that you can use with your own playing, over any jazz standard. 

We’ll explore some time-honored standards, a 12-bar blues in F, a beautiful ballad, and a classic jazz waltz. Each one will offer a variety of techniques, chord voicings, and line concepts for you to practice and incorporate as you like. Ultimately, the idea is to create your own solo and comping language using these ideas, apply them to a wide variety of tunes, keys, and tempos, and then hit the bandstand ready to play!”

Sean begins the course with a few tone tips to help you get an authentic jazz sound. For each of the five jazz standard progression backing tracks, Sean will show you a handful of licks and comping approaches that you can use over the tracks as you trade solos with Sean. Then, you’ll take turns applying those ideas, trading solos and comping for each other.

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