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Truefire Theo van Niel Jr. Countrified Rock Guitar Guidebook TUTORiAL

P2P | 19 July 2020 | 563 MB

Critical Tips, Techniques & Insight for Countrified Rock Guitar
Today’s modern rock guitarists command a large vocabulary of theoretical, stylistic, and technical chops. And it’s creativity, technique, and the application of that vocabulary that are the essential skills needed to truly master the art of rock improvisation.

Theo van Niel Jr.’s Countrified Rock Guitar Guidebook focuses on country guitar techniques and vocabulary that can be readily employed in rock soloing and improvisation. Theo will show you how to countrify your rock bag with hybrid picking, open strings, banjo rolls, percussive muting, triple ghost notes, slide bends, double bends, and bends within chords.

”Modern rock guitarists use a bunch of techniques and concepts often borrowed from blues, hard rock, and country players. My personal take on it is, if it works, why not use it? This course is gonna be a blend of traditional high octane Brent Mason licks, super-fueled Paul Gilbert over-the-top lead lines, but with the sensitivity and expression of Jeff Beck.”

After working through all of the techniques and concepts presented in the first half of the course, you’ll apply those techniques by playing your way through 7 soloing performance studies across a variety of feels, keys, and tempos.

Theo will overview each backing track and feel, and then solo over the track using the techniques from the first section. After the soloing performance, Theo breaks down the solo emphasizing the approaches and techniques in play.

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