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Udemy Guitar in 15 Minutes a Day Crash Course TUTORiAL

P2P | 03 October 2017 | 1.35 GB

Easy steps to learn guitar from scratch with short practices ideal for busy adults and teens
Master the basic chords used in many popular songs
Strum “straight” or syncopated rhythms
Learn one pentatonic scale that lets you easily “jam” with friends
Play fingerstyle or flat picking techniques (both are covered)
Learn to play Chord Melody style

Learn to play guitar now in simple, easy steps, even if you have “no time.”

Develop skills at your own pace in detailed steps with short frequent practices to fit your busy schedule. Track your progress and see the results.

Just tune up your guitar then decide whether to play fingerstyle or use a pick. Advantages of each are explained. Focus on just one at a time. Both are covered in the course so you can learn one, then go through again at any time to learn the other.

Start by learning one-handed arpeggios. Once you are comfortable with this, move to the Chords section.

Learn one-finger chords to gain skill and confidence. By the end of the section you’ll be switching between three-finger chords and be ready to develop your strumming.

Strumming starts out with easy down strokes. Then you’ll add up strokes. Finally, learn syncopation and finish off with a good challenge playing chords from a song called “A Horse with no Name.”

In the last section you’ll learn one Scale used in blues, rock, and country music. You’ll be able to use this scale to play along with backing tracks. An introduction to improvising guides you to being able to create your own single note solos so that you can “jam” with friends.

Just follow this step-by-step approach and you’ll surprise yourself, friends and family with how well you’ll be playing.

Spend just 15 minutes a day to take this ultimate beginner’s guitar crash course and start having fun playing guitar today.

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