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Udemy Learn Melodyne 5 the Ultimate Guide TUTORiAL

P2P | 26 April 2021 | 383 MB

A Beginner’s Guide to Melodyne software and to pitch correction

What you’ll learn

Pitch Correction


Must have Melodyne

Want to learn Melodyne 5?

Well here’s a course for you! Learn the ins and outs of Melodyne 5 software by Celemony today!

You will learn everything you can know about Melodyne 5 and be able to confidently use Melodyne.

I will go through all of Melodyne features, and enable you to know where everything is and what each function do. Melodyne is an great VST/software that gives you the ability to look inside audio and change the pitch, correct pitch or can be used for sound design.

This is a great course for anyone that’s interested in learning how to use melodyne. Out of this course you will have the knowledge to use Melodyne confidently on your own and be able to use all of it’s features for fixing vocals, or for even sound design.

In this course I will go through the following things:

Interface Layout & the Basics
Different versions of Melodyne
Using Ara (Audio Random Access) version and none Ara version
Mix Fader
Cycle Mode (Loop mode)
Ara Version
Pitch Macro
Chord Track
Key Track & Pitch Grid
Quantize Time Macro
Time Grid
Note Levelling Macro
The main Tool
Pitch Tool
Pitch Modulation Tool
Pitch Drift tool
Formant Tool
Amplitude Tool
Fade Tool
Sibilant Balance Tool
Timing Tool, Time Handles & Attack Speed Tool
Note Tools
Different Algorithm Modes
Note Assignment Mode
Energy Share Tool
Dynamics, EQ and Emphasis
Synth and Harmonics

I will be using Vst plugin version inside of bitwig/Studio one digital workstations. You can use the stand alone application as it’s pretty much the same as the VST version.

Who this course is for:

Music Producers
Sound Designers
Mixing Engineers

Are there any course requirements?

Melodyne 5

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I have studied at South & City, Birmingham college for 3 years and gained a Certificate BA Hons for music technology.

I also have the experience of making electronic music, I started making my own music since 2009.

Song in the intro trailer is called – Robin Hustin & Jessica Chertock – Burn it Down (royalty free)

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning how to use Melodyne

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